A little wandering in the winter afternoon

It is becoming very difficult to survive in the time that has fallen. The biggest thing is that everything seems to have become chaotic due to the sudden change of seasons.As before, the issues of change of seasons could be understood very well but now the issues of change of seasons are not understood as before.

I haven't been out for a long time, but today I went out to spend some time on my own and I spent time in the nature like myself.I go to nature again and again because I love nature, but the truth is that nature is harmed again by people like us.However, the biggest reason why we don't go out is because the world is having a hard time and the biggest problem due to the onset of winter is that the virus is spreading again.
I haven't been out of the house for a long time so I tried to get out of the house today and when I went out I had my cousin's baby with me.In fact, it has become boring to stay at home, so I went to nature to refresh myself.The place I went to was not crowded and since it was a rural environment, the nature was very calm and the cold air was very light.It was as if after a long day I came out of the cage and became very light. In the middle of nature, I moved with many wild flowers and had a good time. All in all, this afternoon was good for me.




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