Mind PlaY

I always found it logical that we not only have one body but 4 namely
Body - Food hungry
Mind - Thought hungry
Emotion - Ego hungry
Sensation - plesentness seeker

As thermodynamic suggest faster the process is, higher is entropy i.e. net degradation of energy. In our lives the more sharper changes we make causes more discomfort and termoil but it also leads to quicker results (loss is higher for same output). If changes are made steady and slow it produces less friction for same result is achived however it takes quite more time.
Former is the way we handle our life and latter is the way life handles us.
You might have noticed it, any change that we want to make in out daily life is almost instant and life slowly tries to bring everything back to usual, and it is so gradual that we hardly able to recognise at exactly which point it happend.

Once I started to realise this now i want to handle life my way but the above 4 drivers Body, Mind, Emotion and Sensation are in constant war with me. I almost for each confilct try to convince them to be with me and against me.
For So many years of my life i let them drive me, a little bit of friction is obvious. But i believe, eventually I will dominate.

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