Magical Realism of AI Generated Art

Recently, the Midjourney project has gained such huge popularity that it seems that it makes no sense to talk about it anymore. So I'll try to make it short :)

In Midjourney, the neural network draws pictures, but you won’t surprise anyone with this. Firstly, the difference is that the pictures are not created on the basis of other pictures, but on the basis of your text description, for example "fog in the forest" or "a girl in a striped swimsuit eats an apple and shakes her leg, near which the ball is located, on which is written that a girl in a striped swimsuit..." and so on, as far as you have enough imagination and sanity.
And secondly, the quality of the images. Judge for yourself.

And for those who managed to scroll the pictures to the end, I'll tell where you can play with this.
Your interaction with the neural network of Midjourney takes place in Discord, here is the invitation or you can take it on the project website:
Further in chatroom "welcome", you read a brief instruction and let's go! A free trial is enough for about one hour of creativity, then - either switch to a paid account, or solve the problem in some other way :)

Good luck!

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