Health: Males over 40!

Prostate health!! For all you guys out there over 40 and are not doing anything preventative for your prostate please pay attention to this. Getting your PSA test once a year is not what I am talking about as this only tells you that you have a problem. What can you do so you might not ever get a positive test.
Please look into taking a HERBAL PROSTATE formula from your health food store and take it everyday. It will usually have SAW PALMETTO as main ingredient with other supporting herbs. Any independent brand name will do as long as it is not a pharmaceutical brand. I tell people that pharmacies do not make a lot of money off vitamin sales so they do not put a lot of effort into making a good product. Whereas an independent company will loose big time if they do not produce a good product as it may be only product they sell. This is just a good general rule to go by when buying vitamins.
Also buy ZINC tablets and take at least one per day.
PUMPKIN seeds are also good to eat to help with prostate.

Prevention is the key. So remember to try and eat healthy and exercise regular as well.

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