Oh old friends! I am missing you.

Greetings friends!

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You people might be surprised by the title of this post as I mentioned 'old friends' in it and have used image of books. I am not confused. I love reading and I still want to read as much as possible. Books are like friends for me. Once I used to read a book, containing 300-400 pages, in a single day. I was a bookworm at that time. I had read a lot during that time. But, those are old days when smartphones and widespread internet facilities were in the nascent stage. So, books were the only means of getting knowledge of the world. Now, I have smartphones, laptop and internet as well. Therefore, I forgot about the books. I still wish to read books but, social media, internet and busy life is not letting me to do so. I am consuming lots of my time on unnecessary things like spending time of Facebook, twitter etc. This is making me dumb. I am becoming addicted to internet. Media does not provide us correct information. It tries to infuse its agenda into our heads. We start to think like they want us to think. We become our own slave because of it. We need to get rid of it. We need freedom.

I am missing the old days when books used to provide me knowledge of the world. Books are indispensable. They are just like old friends who never let us alone. Would that I may get rid of my bad habit and live a life again with my old friends.

Missing you my old friends!

Thank you all.

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