Meme Contest - Operation Saving Private Normie


As the Internet Memers, et al, exodus from the enslaving waves of censorship from the Twitter tyranny and other centralized social media; As the meme communities on common social media become infiltrated and filled with so many politically weaponized memes and non-meme memes that LULz can no longer be found amongst the shit posts; Hivers must be on the front lines to bring those rejecting the historically dominate dystopian platforms to the decentralized promised lands of Hive.


Operation Saving Private Normie

This is a more than just a contest; we throw dank memes for more than just the LULz; Our future Hive brothers and sisters are out there having their data exploited and their speech censored; we will charge into the belly of the beast to save our future family. No LULz left behind.



Dankest Meme Contest Rules

  • Join our Discord Server
  • Follow Us on Twitter, Parler, and Hive and share the contest!
  • Memes posted to Hive via the Memehub website will be entered into the contest. The memes will need to be posted into the Hive or OC community on Memehub. (Only memes posted to the Hive or OC communities post to Hive, everything other posting is Memehub only)
  • Contest memes can be about: How Hive is better than twitter, parler, or etc. What makes Hive awesome in general. How Memehub on Hive rewards memers for meme-ing. etc etc etc. You know the drill.
  • Tweet your memes also or post them onto other social media with info and a link to the contest. Comment the link on your Memehub post to receive an extra upvote.
  • GIFs are accepted
  • Dank comments on memes are also eligible for upvotes



  • 600 Hive to the Dankest Hive Meme
  • 400 Hive to the Dankest OC Meme
  • 200 Hive to the dankest comment
  • Tons of upvotes from Memehub

@threespeak is matching Memehub's rewards for the contest! So Half those rewards are from them! They will be handing out red pills all throughout the holiday season, so give them a follow and check out the 3Speak Platform!


I spent a solid day researching how to implement a meme creator on Memehub. Unfortunately, with my tech stack, I cannot use any of the nice editor packages I came across. When I get there, I will have to build one from scratch. So, for now, I will put off Memehub having a meme generator onsite. My time will be more useful on other new features. Maybe when I revisit the package circumstance will have changed.

In the meantime, I personally recommend Imgflip's Generator. They have a solid collection of mainstream templates. Memehub scraps the dankest memes from reddit daily, scroll through them for more fresher templates and meme ideas also! Best Of Reddit On Memehub

Side Quest - The Dankening


Memehub is only two weeks old on hive and we need to get hive users using Memehub as their hub for memes on Hive.

So Boogaloo Side Quest Number 420 - The Dankening is filling up Memehub with some fresh dank content. Users who meaningfully use Memehub will obtain a follow from Memehub and receive upvotes on their future quality content on Hive.

Since the Memehub system is designed for non-chalant meme sharing off-chain as well, Users who find and post fresh danks memes when they run across them will have an increased chance of receiving upvotes from Memehub on their Hive posts. So even if you are not a meme-smither, you can still bring LULz to others by propagating dank memes to the hub of memes. Building the content on Memehub up will create a transitional pipeline to convert the typical internet memer into a Hive memer and beyond. Memes are ubiquitous on the internet and Memehub is working to streamline the pipeline. Users can upgrade their Memehub account to a Hive account with Memehub's claimed accounts at 1000 points on Memehub or an instant create code.


  • When you find a dank meme in your typical surfing, post it to Memehub only (ie not in the Hive or OC comunnities) for the LULz of your fellow Hivers and future Hivers.
  • When you need a good LUL, come to Memehub for it.
  • Upvote dank memes and comments on Memehub
  • Downvote weak memes and shitposts on Memehub

Up/down votes on Memehub only memes dont cost VP so let the poster know whether you lol'ed or not


  • 100 Hive to the dankest meme found and posted on Memehub only that I have not yet seen.
  • 100 Hive to the top of the ever leaderboards at contest end
  • A follow from Memehub on Hive for potential future Hive post upvotes from Memehub.


The Memehub point system will eventually become a Token, so start building up your Memehub Profile for a head start.

Weekly Update

New Features:

  • GIF support added (inspired by @anthonyadavisii, of course)
  • Image compression added, so dont worry about file size ;)
  • Voting on comments to Hive from Memehub where applicable.
  • Hive Acct Creation with Memehub, if you have someone wanting to create a Hive acct with Memehub, hmu for an instant create code; otherwise, I require 1000 points on Memehub to create a Hive acct with us to prevent abuse.
  • 3Speak link added
  • Imgflip meme generator link added
  • Meme Emojis Added (there is more than in the screenshot)

Do the Emojis work?


Bug Fixes:

  • Profile Graphics not showing due to lack of past data on acct creation
  • Having to refresh page to refresh cache after posting a comment, posting a meme, and more.
  • Tab Icon and Tab Text Customized
  • Checking both posting_json_data and json_data for avatars
  • A lot more minor miscellaneous bug fixes


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