Meme contest: Make HIVE cool again ( 90 HIVE in prizes and plenty of big upvotes)


Hello fellow memers, Hive needs our help. Using this wonderful blockchain everyday can sometimes make us forget how great our experience here actually is. So to help spread the word about Hive the memehub community needs your big brained memes.


While others toil in the censorship gulags of traditional social media, we get payed for our creativity and now is the time to give something back. Let's make some memes showing all the cool things hive is offering it's users and enjoy some lulz together.

If you have your doubts that Hive is the greatest crypto-earning platform out there, just try to publish your first post on publish0x, for example, and see how much you earn.


If they approve you as an author first. On hive you don't need nobody's permission.

You think readcash is cool? you might want to read what they think about censorship


As you can see nobody's got your back on other crypto sites. So if you would like to let the world know how nobody can deplatform you on Hive, get your meme on and start making some dank Hive memes. Poking fun of other crypto sites is more than welcome.


Also if your bullshit-o-meter gets triggered by traditional social media shenanigans feel free to rip on them while pointing out how Hive is better.

Contest rules:

  1. Post a maximum of one original Hive related meme (or gif) a day in the memehub community or by using the Memehub website ( Only memes posted to the Hive or OC communities post to Hive, everything else is posted to Memehub only)
  2. Contest will be running for 2 weeks , after that the winners will be picked by the Meme Lord himself @memehub. I'll make a post announcing them after a few days.
  3. First place gets 50 Hive, 2nd place 25 Hive and 3rd place 15 Hive. Prizes provides by @memehub as well so you can go follow him as thank you.
  4. Only original and dank memes will get big upvotes from our benevolent Meme Lord.
  5. Spread the word on Hive about this contest. Share your memes on other sites while also encouraging peeps to join Hive.
  6. Feel free to join our Discord Server

If you have any questions, you know where the comment sections is. Now go out there and make some top kek memes!