Some words to the Community (My experiences on HIVE so far)

Dear Hivians, Dear Memers of Memehub, Dear Buzzers of D.Buzz,

You can increasingly see that the #memehub community is growing.
In the last 7 days there is only one thing that kept me from posting more memes:
posting limit.jpeg

I am glad that is online again:


Spongebob is a great source of inspiration for me when it comes to memes. Therefore I had also posted this meme to honor a veteran: @cmmemes


You may have noticed that an account in the Memehub community also upvotes you every time @Memehub does. I have created my own curator account @memecurator to which I have delegated 100HP. I plan to delegate more HP to it every month. The account follows every upvote that Memehub distributes. I want to give something back to the community

I usually create my memes in the evening, but currently I don't have the time because I'm writing my master thesis and will start working in a few weeks. I like Hive, but my main use here is the memes and I like to scroll through Dbuzz to get information quick, not so much about the crypto itself. So I use the rewards to redirect them directly back into the community.

I was going to do the same with @DBuzz, and spent a few days looking at how the Tagbot works. But I am too untalented to get the whole thing running. and don't seem to support D.Buzz as a tag, at least I couldn't get it to work.

If you look at my feed or blog you will see that I was one of the people I make memes about now. I shared memes that I found funny because I didn't understand the concept of Hive in detail. I wanted to share memes to share them, not to make money. I'm not proud of it. But when I understood how it works here I only post OC content. I was lucky that I never got flagged for it. But I think you guys understand what I'm getting at. I am one of the users who was new. A friend had told me about HIVE, but he didn't understand it himself exactly how it works here. I'm glad that after a long break I just dealt with it again and now understand a little bit how it works here. To get more people to Hive is in my eyes providers like @Memehub and @D.Buzz the right way. So if someone knows how I use the tagbot or someone could make a tutorial for beginners, I would be very grateful. I had seen that
@mmmmkkkk311 had upvoted all D.Buzz posts. Until a spambot in D.Buzz drove his mischief. I always thought that was great, even if you knew the vote wasn't done manually, it still gave you a great feeling. I know there are people out there who take advantage of this, but there are also many who do not. At least that's my opinion. I can imagine that some now say that would be counterproductive that every post of a community gets a upvote. I can reassure you, I do not have the financial power, should I manage to create a curator account someday. But I new people would at least have an upvote, which at least gives you the feeling, there is someone who may have read it. For me, it took weeks until I realized that such "votes" were not real.

English is not my native language so, if some parts are hard to understand I am sorry :D

All I can say for now is. I am glad to be here.

And now enjoy the recapture of my Hive-Spongebob-Meme-Challenge:


Day 2.jpeg

Day 3.jpeg

Day 4.jpeg

Day 5.jpeg

Day 6.jpeg

Day 7.jpeg