Memes From Public Domain Historical Photos

I like supporting the different tribes on HIVE. Meme HIVE is one of the newer tribes on the platform. The tribe encourages people to create and share "memes."

An internet meme is usually just text on a image.

Meme artists on other platforms have a history of violating the copyrights of the creators of the base image.

People on HIVE tend to respect copyrights. I eant to applaud the people for that.

I still want to create a few memes for the Meme Tribe. I figure the most fruitful source for memes would be historical photos that are in the public domain. I created two memes. The first is based on a picture of Winston Churchill discussing Liberal Politics with Lloyd George in 1907.


This is an historically important photo as it shows that Churchill was a Liberal before the rise of the Labour Party.

I have the two talking about facial hair as most of the radicals of the day had wild facial hair.

The second picture shows Friedrich Nietzsche sporting a cookie duster that could wipe the poppy seeds off a muffin.


Historical Photos on HIVE

I drew both of the images from Wikicommons. It is the easiest thing to do.

The images are public domain. I would rather draw the images from the blockchain.

I started posts about creating intelligent images servers for HIVE. If HIVE had intelligent images servers, then we could the image servers to group posts on HIVE which would improve the SEO of the platform.

Remember, I am using public domain images. What I am doing is legal.

In a very quick mock up, I created two pages on my personal. The first is titled Churchill. The second is titled Nietzsche .

If HIVE had intelligent image servers, the image servers could both host images of public subjects and provide an additional index to subjects within HIVE.

Wikicommons is an intelligent image server. All of the images on wikipedia get placed in the commons. The commons then automatically links to the pages that use the images.

This very simple structure has an enormous SEO benefit for Wikipedia. The intelligent image servers help keep Wikipedia's articles at the top of search engines.

The extra step of categorizing photos means that the photos will also show up on photo searches and there is a huge number of pepole in this world that do image searches.

Anyway, I think public domain photos are good fodder for memes on meme hive. Once again it is 3:00 AM. I think I will hit the pillow and dream of growing a 'stache so that i can be a radical thinker too.

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