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@memehive has been one of the newest tribes on the Hive platform. Now @memehive is one of the first tribes to migrate over to OUTOST and embrace Web 3.0.

Welcome to the future. Welcome to

Soon will be adding NFT Marketplace for minting and selling meme NFTs. In the meantime please check out the new @memehive site.

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One problem I've been having that I am sure everyone else has also been dealing with is knowing what the MEME value of their vote is. I've been blindly guesstimating @memehive's upvote percentage not knowing how dramatically different a 100% upvote is from a 1% upvote. Now using I can accurately know.

If you have any goals that involve staking MEME tokens this is a very helpful feature to estimate what the MEME payout will be for your content creation and curation.

The Hive-Engine team has done a wonderful job with OUTPOST. I have no doubt many other tribes will be migrating to this format soon.

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