Update on @memehive "Meme This Public Domain Image" Contest

There is still time to enter the current "Meme This Public Domain Image" @memehive contest and get your entry post qualified. The contest ends when the payout for the contest announcement post occurs. For details see:

I've double checked the #meme tag which is one of the requirements for the contest to make sure no possible entries have been overlooked.

So far I have only seen and verified @rachelcreative's entry and @phusionphil's entry. If by chance anyone has posted an entry but incorrectly tagged their post please correct it and let @memehive know as soon as possible about the entry.

If you want to enter please post your entry ASAP before the contest deadline so your entry can be qualified for the contest.

@antisocialist isn't entering this week's contest but made a post featuring a few memes based on the current contest's image. Be sure to check it out if you need some inspiration.

"Embajador Wayne Habla sobre las Herramientas para Proteger a los Niños en Internet" by USEmbassyMEX, used under CC PDM 1.0 / text added to original for purpose of meme.

Good luck to everyone entering the contest!

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