Three Stooges in Drag Queen Story Hour

There's the famous saying: "Kids will be kids."

However, should we take advantage of their innocence? Should kids be allowed to make all of the same decisions that adults make or are they still kids? Are they not ready yet to make those types of choices? What is Netflix doing? Beyond that, should we force the juvenile towards things they don't want to think about? This Meme Picture is my entry to @richatvns's Meme Day meme contest. I love the three stooges. I love history. I love helping people through education, entertainment, music, memes, and everything.

Freedom Promotion

I promote freedom, freewill. Let people do whatever they want. But please don't shove it down the throats of other people, especially children. Historically, you can study this. You can look at how the Roman Empire fell. It has something to do with the rise of homosexuality and other things. So, long story short, we all can learn so much from the patterns found in history.

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