Meme Challenge #65 - Entry #1 - Profits

Why make money on Steemit?

When you can sell your soul to Facebook for free?

Which profits billions of dollars each year for Facebook?

Why grow your own coffee?

When you can scream racism at Starbucks to get free coffee?

Why make money from your customers?

When you can fight racism with going bankrupt?

Why have knives in London?

Doesn't London need you alive?

Doesn't London want you alive so you can then die?

How many knife attacks are there in London each hour?

Who needs borders in Europe?

When we can totally invade & conquer in the name of tolerance? Millions of people have been flooding into Europe the past few years similar to what happened centuries ago.

What happened to London?

Mark Zuckerberg at Hearing 2018 Meme.jpeg.png

Crazy Memes of Facebook Steemit

2018-04-18 Wednesday 11:40 AM LMS: Meme Facebook Profit
Published at 12:10 PM

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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