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Want Free Stuff?

"Facebook Loves You. We Want You Back." Said George Bush Jr, Former USA President during 9/11. Ocasio-Cortez & Bernie Sanders has encouraged kids to steal like Robin Hood, to go after welfare, socialism, free stuff, which means robbing or redistributing wealth from free markets, from we the people, taking away freedoms, power, choices, from you, from me, from normal average humans. (Meme Contest)

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Gay Gab Frogs Eaten

Gab, the social network competitor to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc, was terminated, shut down, deplatformed, like Alex Jones of Info Wars, like millions of other people, groups, by GoDaddy, PayPal, Apple, Microsoft, China, technocracy, centralized banks, plutocracy, tyranny, the swamp, Soros, the NWO, etc. Are you next?

Can We Stop Censorship?

Yes, there are many ways that we are stopping the big bad wolf. For example, decentralized blockchain networks, like this social network, Steem, like Ethereum powered, are able to bypass the evil technocracy of Facebook, Google, China, globalism, etc. Bit Torrent helps as well. Another example is called Substratum, which is in beta. They're rolling out decentralized Internet Service (ISP), web hosting, & payment processing systems. Find out more at Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Steem, & other cryptocurrencies, are part of our evolution, our future. Also, 3D Printing. Artificial Intelligence & Drones can be used for good & for bad. Invest in the future while you still can. The sooner, the better. Diversify your portfolio. Keep backups. Always be prepared for the worse. Always smile. Always Eat Oatmeal. Always Laugh. We Are The News. We can do much better with physical & spiritual gardens. Never Stop Dreaming.

Obama House Eater

How many people lost houses because of the Obama Stuff? That is a great question. How often has tyranny messed things up? What happened in 1912 on that Jekyll Island that led to the 1933 USA Bankruptcy?

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Family Friendly

Published in October of 2018 | By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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