UPDATE! ---Meme challenge and PhotoBomb Challenge --- UPDATE!

Hello Memearmy and Photobombers!!

As you all know Steemit is going in some new direction. He have some updates on Steemit that I would love to use.

I think communities are the great way to upgrade both challenges. We can have all memechallenge or photobomb challenge posts on same place. Also I as an admin can "mute" all posts that are not connected to it or entries that didn't follow the rules.

Many people don't participate in challenges because they don't want their entries to be shown on their blog, with this update we can activate them too.

Great thing about challenge communities is that your entries won't be shown on your blog (you can resteem entries if you want to).

I have created community for both challenges and here are the links:

MEMECHALLENGE ---> /trending/hive-177075

PHOTOBOMB CHALLENGE --->/trending/hive-169636

If you want to participate in challenges please subscribe to both communities.


From next week of memechallenge and photobomb challenge only entries that are posted in challenge community will be considered in challenge.

Memechallenge entries still must have #memechallenge hashtag but also must be posted in memechallenge community.

Photobomb challenge entries still must have #photobombchallenge hashtag but also must be posted in PhotoBomb Challenge community

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