Whale Size Vote & MEME Token Giveaway :)

Did you know that the Hive Blockchain has its very own front-end dedicated to those who enjoy all things MEME. (Whats that? You never knew, no worries I'll point you in the right direction) All one needs to do is head on over to https://www.hiveme.me/ to start exploring and enjoying all the marvelous MEME content on display. Curating content from the https://www.hiveme.me site will give the potential to earn HBD, HIVE and MEME tokens (possibly others as well). MEME tokens can be traded on most if not all HIVE Dex's such as LeoDex, TribalDex and Hive-Engine.

Free MEME Tokens

I love me some MEMES and I also love giving out MEME tokens. So if you are stumbling upon this post here is your chance to earn yourself some MEME tokens and have fun while doing so. Everyone who leaves a MEME in the comment section of this post will get a Whale Size MEME vote. If you are not sure how to create a MEME you can use the bot commands !MEME and !GIF and a MEME will be generated for you. However bot generated MEME's will get a lower vote percentage than directly placed MEMES.

Bonus Giveaway

On top of handing out Whale Size MEME Votes; I have a stash of MEME Tokens allocated for the purpose of handing out to MEMESTERS on the Hive Blockchain such as yourself. So here today I'm going to do just that. I'm going to be handing out an undisclosed amount of MEME tokens to one lucky winner. A random number generator will decide the winner. The timing of your comment will determine your raffle ticket number. The reason why the amount of MEME Tokens to be given out is undisclosed is because you are the ones that decide the amount. For each unique entry into this contest I will add 100 MEME tokens to the pot (up to 10,000 MEME Tokens). This means if we get 15 Hivens sharing MEMES in the comment section a side pot of 1,500 MEME Tokens will be given to one random entry. If we get 100 participants: 10,000 MEME tokens will be given to one lucky participant.


  • No Rules
  • Rules Suck
  • However.....
  • It wouldn't hurt to
  • Tag some friends to help
  • Build the MEME Token Pot
  • (No alt account entries please)
  • Offer Valid Until Sunday, June 11th, 2024
  • Winner will be announced in 3* days
  • Good Luck & Happy MEMEING :)

HIVEME.ME NFT Section: https://www.hiveme.me/nfts/

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