#MeditationMarch ! A Daily Meditation for the Month of March Challenge! Wont you join me?

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Time for new monthly goals! I know we’re 3 days in to the month but I’m only just now coming to terms with it. When you’ve been hold up for days seeking refuge from a storm, silly things like the passage of time don’t seem to have much of an effect on you.

Last month I set 12 goals for myself which I pinned to the bottom of nearly every post in order to keep myself accountable, and to share my progress as the days ticked on. — I loved it. I don’t think I would have gotten nearly as much done If I hadn’t, and so I wanted to so something similar for this month to really get the most out of my time, but with a bit of a twist.

And so I’m deeming it MeditationMarch!

Why is Meditation awesome?

I'm so glad you asked....!

1. It Can Boost Your Self-Esteem

2. It Can Better Your Ability To Focus

3. It Can Makes Your Brain Age More Slowly

4. It Can Help Fight Against Depression

5. …and Anxiety Too!

6. Can Increase Your Alertness

7. Can Assist In Managing ADHD

8. It’s Great For Pain Relief

9. It Can Improve Your Immune System

10. It Can Help You Be A Better Multitakser

11. It Can Help Fight Off Addiction

(source: Bustle.com)

Simply put, meditation is the practice of training your brain to durn down the dials on all those threads of thoughts we have running all day. A bit like closing out the tabs on your desktop, for a set amount of time each day.

If you're a beginner or have never tried meditation before, a guided meditation (similar to listening to an audiobook) is a great place to start: The Headspace App is great for quick daily meditations,...

And I can personally vouch for the guided meditations on DoYogaWithMe.com being awesome as well...

For this month As a birthday gift to myself, I purchased one month’s fully unlocked subscription of the CALM app.

CALM is an app I've used for guided meditations for free on and off for about a year now, (I especially love their sleep stories) but since they have so many awesome focused meditations that are built around a theme, I decided to dedicate each week in March to meditating on a specific area of my life, here’s the breakdown.



Of course you don't need the CALM app if you'd like to participate, If you have another way you like to meditate, or certain things you like to meditate on absolutely feel free to go for it. Although I'm no stranger to meditation I've never taken such a focused approach so I'm looking forward to seeing where this month takes me in the realms of


So, won't you join me?! -- If you'd like to participate, use the tag #MEDITATIONMARCH in any posts where you'd like to share your progress, thoughts, and what you've been meditating on.

I've also set up a channel in our Discord where we can share posts, as questions, get meditation advice and encourage eachother... so jump in on Discord and say hello! (invitation link)

So if you've never tried meditation, or you're a seasoned pro, I invite you to meditate along with me and share your journey as the days pass. Hopefully we'll all transform along with the weather... AHEM WEATHER!!! TAKE THE HINT PLEASE!!

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