Dear Dayleeo | 1st of May | another month in the can, kicked to the curb, and we go again!


hey you, let’s deep dive into the transition switch eh.

completed and fired down my neck that bottle of red last night, entering into may was a bit of a shock to the system yes, i’d completely let it just ride over me a little…

i’m certainly feeling the 1st vibes this morning thou. i’ve got some “clozee - emergence” on and it’s doing the job. i’m fed and watered and now i’m locked away in my cocoon that is the time warping tardis and i know i’ve got at least seventy two hours to flex my creative muscles a little bit.

while everyone is trying to get the most out of rediscovery time of bank holiday weekends i’m locked and loaded into my orange book and what’s outstanding to be done. If i can mentally clear down creatively then i’ll be in good shape to hit the new month running with things changing up.

Photo by Brian McGowan on Unsplash

not that much is changing really, sure it’s a reconfiguration of mornings and some afternoons but it’s only a few hours here and there and that i think is actually gonna be helpful, it’s like gym work outs but without the payments — might have to upgrade the “wipes” situation mind. lulz.

first month where i’ve actually been able to save something as well, i’ve gotta be patient with it and i realise i’ve got like a window of opportunity now every start of the month to flip the script on finances — kinda suppressing the spending cycle and trying to hold and increase.

don’t get me wrong here there are things i need to get right now, including that bed topper for better sleeps but i think i can rough it out a little longer. I’m seeing more positive feedback from the bitcoin SV community, they have embraced the last two videos i put out so i just wanna make them better, more polished, start putting them on tiktok too.

that was a lovely win this week, the fact that i could take digital and effect real world needs with your new piece of analog technology that will massively help with van life and current situations.

great to watch that 2040 film with you last night, that was the most straight forward common sense manual i’ve seen in a while. I think a lot of it was a bit of a way for him to say to his future daughter that he gave it a go, looking at what’s possible now if we implement and shape what her future looks like.

we’ve got plenty of shows and films to go at this weekend as well when ya down, i’m gonna call it relatively early each day, today, sunday, monday if you are down for a monster media session, or if you wanna get into audio chat earlier then we can do some co-working together.

I think the “holding pattern” of the last week or so now complete and i know what “it looks like” now it’s locked in there, with my itinerary i feel in much better shape to phase that into my day to day for the next few months — i’m just acclimating, stacking for a little while.

hang in there love, things can happen very quickly, just know that, i know what your trying to manifest right now and what it requires. i support you all the way, i’m just trying to organise myself better, working on fronts, health is wealth after all right?

I think that’s where i wanna call this post today, i’ve got a bottle of dandelion and burdock to go at next while these filthy beats wash over my soul and sort me the fuck out on a saturday morning.

I mean, ok, it’s may the 1st but it kinda doesn’t mean all that much for me right now, it’s only gonna be relatively important that we track “days” together because we gotta force ourselves to get the most out of them, we have a lot of catching up to do!

I Love You,
Mouser x

(Let’s get this next 72 hrs)