Free Math problem solving service


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😎 Free Math problem solving service! 😎

I will manually solve any Math problem (that meets the requirements for this service), and publish its solution and answer here on Hive. The solution for the Math problem would be provided normally within 24 hours (usually in less than 12 hours).

Whether your question is about number theory, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, or calculus, I can quickly answer your question (but please try to avoid asking me questions for experts such as engineers, pilots, or physicists)! Simple questions about Mathematics may be asked too!

This service is free, yet upvotes and tips are highly appreciated!


  1. The requester must be a Hive user.
  2. The Math problem should have similar difficulty as those Math problems from primary school (also called elementary school) or secondary school (also called high school and which may include middle school). Problems that are for post-secondary level (college, technical, or vocational) may still be requested, but I may decide not to solve them.
  3. The problem that the requester would like to be solved must be commented on this post.
  4. A user may request multiple problems to be solved, but only one problem should be placed in every comment. However, I may decide not to solve the other problem(s) of the same requester, especially if too similar to the one(s) I already answered.
  5. My solution and answer to the problem will be provided as a reply to the requester's comment.
  6. My solutions will be accurate and precise, but not guaranteed to be perfect.
  7. Other users are allowed to provide their own solutions and answers to the Math problems, but I may still provide my own solutions nonetheless.
  8. The requester agrees not to use the service to get answers for their school homework, as it is considered as cheating (plagiarism).
  9. I reserve the right to pause or stop providing the service and change these rules, anytime for any reason.

I need to make the rules above to help me maximize the ratio of the number of people I could help over the time and effort I need to provide such service. I hope people understand! 🙂

Remember, it's free to ask! Comment your Math problems below! 😁

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