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Dear Hivers

But you will tell me, I have a nice site that explains who I am and what I do. No doubt, but think for a moment and ask yourself the real questions :


If your site is more than 2 years old , its design is likely to be outdated and it is not suitable for mobile use. So you cut yourself off from a whole part of your audience.
If your site has less than ten pages , you are unlikely to appear in keyword research results for your industry. You can of course target very specific and local keywords - but that does involve a keen knowledge of the changing SEO rules.
If you have n't added any content in the past 6 months , traffic to your site will struggle to take off. And this is normal, Internet users will not return to it (since nothing is happening). And since there is little information that can drive traffic, you will attract few new visitors.
This is why a showcase site can only be a starting point . It must imperatively be part of a global web communication strategy , in a desire to remain visible and credible on the net, in a continuous effort of dialogue and interaction with your target audience.

Your website must be alive. It must be the virtual counterpart of the real activity of your business. Your credibility is at stake!

Think you don't have content to add regularly to your site? This is what I hear very often. Think again! You know, by definition, more than your customers. So, distill this knowledge through a blog or on your site.

Having a dynamic site doesn't necessarily mean spending huge amounts of money . But that always requires having thought carefully about your vision for the company; to have a real desire for active communication and the perseverance to maintain it regularly.

In conclusion
Creating a valuable web presence is more like a marathon than a sprint . It takes regular training and endurance.

And, as with the marathon, no need to invest in sophisticated equipment to succeed , you need above all a good energy balance focus on the essentials: attracting customers,unwavering motivation and a mind of steel.

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