Part 2 - The dynamics of a web presence

Dear Hivers

Certainly, the showcase site presents your company, informs about your services and highlights your products. You have a very good start but you need to more in this competitive market.


If we take the comparison with the physical store, the usefulness of the window is obvious: to attract customers to buy !

What all the web agencies that sell showcase sites will tell you:

A site shows you are a modern professional
A showcase site makes you visible to connected consumers
Your site will bring you new customers
What many web agencies forget to tell you:

The quality of the content of your site is essential. Structuring and thinking about its content according to the user cannot be improvised. This part of the service is not allowed in that pack of web.And too many agencies just insert your content into the pages created. So no optimization and no thinking about the relevance of the content you deliver to them.
Adding fresh content regularly is a must. If you don't have the time or the will to do it, you will need to budget for this position.
Without work on SEO , keywords and linkage, you will have little chance of appearing at the top of Google searches. And this budget is not included in the basic offers either.
Without promotion , via social networks or via emailings, your site will remain an isolated island in the middle of an ocean of information and a multitude of other sites.
In short, you will have paid between 500 and 5000 € (in one go or in several monthly installments - always do the total calculation) for not much! If you want to remain credible, you will very quickly have to re-invest in a real web strategy.

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