Market friday for the cup of tea in a little stall

Hello friends and friday market lovers.

Its Friday, and that will be the dedicated to #marketfriday. You know about that, this community is conducted by @dswigle.

Today i have found a mini amusement park for kid and there is a mobile tea shop, as i feel thirsty, so i have decided to go and check about their taste of that drink.


Here is the look of cup of tea which very much nicely topping with powdered milk and served with mud cup just wrapped with tissue paper for excessive heat protection. While i have made a sip from that cup, its nice taste!

And exploring the little shop, this little mobile stall is standing on a van of four wheel with good looking shape and covered as well.

The cup which is made of mud, and if you drink from this cuo it will be assumed that you are in a royal class, as it exceptional now a days.


The other two view of that cup.

A little bit decoration with little lamp.

This man is busy for making a cup of tea for me.

Here is a menu card and you could choice among of it as per your taste and price. I like to enjoy normal tea that cost for 30 Tk. (In dollar- one third of it)

Pour and mixup ingredients.

Two types of milknis added in that cup of tea, liquid condensed milk and powder milk.

Hot water is added for perfect drink status.

Just busy to decorate final steps.

Beautiful and clean kettles with gas stove is being used for tea making. This small shop is looking good to enjoy a cuo of tea while you are roaming in a park or outside anywhere.

Its just was an experiment for me that how it feels while you have take a tea from them. Nothing else but found as usual with a nice tea. Almost hygienic status maintaining and more laps catches on my eyes.

So far today, that's my #marketfriday and it was the evening time, and i have return home after that.

Thanks for watching and stopping here, hope you have a very wonderful day ahead with #marketfriday.

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