Starting Off The Week In The Green….

Afternoon everyone….

Since the month of May the markets have been very turbulent. May was a great month for the precious metal market. Gold was up over $100 an ounce, and silver was up nearly $2.

Since then we’ve had some crazy spikes and some massive pitfalls. Gold has had up to a $25 spike in a day, with a smack down of just over $30 in a day. That’s quite a wide spread range. Silver is alway more volatile. It had daily highs of just over $1.50, but has had smackdowns of over $2 in one day.

We all know that the current fiat system is in disrepair in every country. Yet the powers that be still continue to find a way to smack down the real money of gold and silver.

On a brighter note….

We start the week in the green across the board. Gold is up nearly $6, sitting at $1820. Silver is up as well sitting at $25.61. Will this continue is anyone’s guess.

Here is the screen shot from Kitco.


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