There is some good news about bitcoin and the crypto market is reacting positively.
This kind of news is vibrating the market to react. Hopefully it carries over for btc to reach $11k.
If one big company did it and a second one, just rest assured couple more will follow. Alone this ripple effect
can change the landscape for crypto. Less bitcoin to deal with and then here we go again.

I just want to say this year crypto should be the best gift to present someone. We all know how far it will go.
Time changes and this gift can go a long way. 2020 has been very good for bitcoin.
I have access to my Wleo through coinbase wallet not the coinbase app though they are both connected.
This is the way I can get ethereum and then send it straight to uniswap to get more #Wleo
Cool part with #wleo since it is an erc-20 token you can move it wherever ethereum is accepted.

Bitcoin does not play when it comes to performance this crazy year.
Starting around $7k+ and now it is trading at 10k+ this is clearly a 45% swing from year to date.
Gold on the other part starts at $1500 even though it reaches $2000 but now sitting at $1889 that is around 20%+
Even there are more gold in the market than bitcoin you can be certain gold will hold its place and bitcoin is moving on
to better thing.
Taking away tether gold on the blockchain, the idea is clear where bitcoin is heading.

It is hard we always have to compare in order to move forward.
It is an indication crypto will outperform in the same lineage.
It is always important to stay informed and make sure you protect your coins.
Here you can find a list of exchanges that no longer exist

From that perspective the best case scenario is to follow Square move after their big investment of 4709 bitcoins.
Cold wallet should be what anyone does to protect yourself.
Make sure you have your private keys and save it. Decentralization has a lot to do with this closure formula.
It could be exit scam as well.
I manage not to have way too many places to put my crypto, cause you do not know much when they will say bye.
So far I know Coinbase has been around for a while and they are slow to add more tokens even lately they added quite a few.
#Gemini is another one and for sure they are here to stay. is not available in my area but I can use it as a wallet.
I think many people can use coinbase or Gemini despite they cannot purchase through them.

Any crypto news is good news since so many decide to invest time and effort to change and flip the control
of your financial matter.
Great time to hold and when the bull starts charging you will be well served.
Stay safe.

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