MakersHost Lifetime Deal


MakersHost Lifetime Deal($49.00) and Review

What Is MakersHost?

A site host with global edge caching, highly optimized managed WordPress, 80+ one-click installs, free SSL certificates, free page builder, and more, all operating on cutting-edge auto-scaling cloud infrastructure.

MakersHost Features

1/Free SSL certificates, global edge caching, and 80+ one-click installs
2/Image optimization, as well as a suite of performance-enhancing tools
3/Avoid the upsells and hidden prices of lesser options.

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MakersHost Lifetime Deal
(Plus Exclusive)
One Time Purchase of $49.00

1/10 Custom Domains / Websites
2/Storage: 100 GB SSD
3/30 Mailboxes, each with a capacity of 10 GB
4/Unrestricted Bandwidth
5/30 different databases
6/SSL Certificates for Free
7/DDoS Protection and Malware Scanning
8/Builder of Websites
9/WordPress managed.
10/More than 80 One-Click Installs

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1/The assistance is great.
2/It moves at breakneck speed.
3/Fast loading times
4/Excellent price/quality ratio.
5/The customer service is outstanding.

MakersHost Review

WordPress is simple to set up.
After being burned on an LTD hosting site previously, which had been mentioned by others, I was a little suspicious. But I figured I'd take a chance because the founder claimed there was a 10-year pre-pay (hopefully he's not joking!)
Setting up WordPress on my first website was a breeze.
It was a touch slow at times, but that's to be expected with this kind of hosting. I'm excited to see what it can accomplish in the future!

For details please read this article on Ajr Blog-

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