Threespeak and OCD Manual Curation Collaboration: Compilation #120

Hello everyone!

This is a compilation post that highlights the collaboration of @threespeak and @ocd. Both projects aimed at manually curating original and quality content, so this partnership is the synergy that would be beneficial to both @threespeak and @ocd. But the content creators who upload their original and quality content on @threespeak would benefit the most from this because they will gain higher upvotes.

Take note that @threespeak videos can also be posted to their appropriate communities. For example, if you have an amazing travel video, you can upload it in Threespeak and post it in Haveyoubeenhere community at the same time.

How Manual Curation Works

There's a common channel in OCD where all Threespeak videos that are of quality are dropped by community leaders and curators. Those videos will be upvoted by OCD and then followed by Threespeak. Some posts are already upvoted by Threespeak through @eddiespino that will be dropped in the channel for OCD upvote. This will make quality videos have higher potential payouts because of the upvotes of the two projects.

A compilation post will be created for those upvoted posts to highlight both the author and the community where the post is located, the same way how Other Niche Communities curation works.

Here are the curated posts for this batch:

Curated Posts

Author: @jlufer
Community: Abundance Tribe

Mini carrot harvest (The satisfaction of harvesting the fruits of the seeds you have sown)

Hello friends and passionate about the daily activities of the garden, everyone welcome and feel free; Happy to be here with you and give you an update on how things are around here

Curator: @anggreklestari

Author: @magooz
Community: Threespeak

I saw a Lvl 3 Archmage Arius in the WILD!!!

Newest quest opening video is here.

Total Matches: 15
Total Wins: 6
Total Quest (Fire) attempts: 13
Match win %: 40
Quest win %: 38

Today's work leaves a bit to be desired but I choose to forgive myself for this showing. Gotta comeback stronger, better, faster and whatnot.

Curator: @glecerioberto

Author: @justinparke

An Animal Ramble 🐺🦁🐰 feat. Monkey-B

I can only take full credit for Monkey-B's ever-increasing animal knowledge, because her Khan Academy Kids iOS homeschooling app has taught her things I would've never imagined. She recently began talking about herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores, so I assume a recent lesson taught her these vocabulary words. Her English has improved so much over the last year, and now a whole new world is opening up to this Cambodian near-native English speaker.

Curator: @glecerioberto

Author: @dodovietnam
Community: Foodies Bee Hive

Make 'Banh Loc' For A Rainy Day

Hi everyone, hope everyone is doing well. Today I will introduce how to make Banh Loc (Filter Cake), a traditional cake of the central region of Vietnam. This is a dish we often make at family and friends gatherings. When I was a kid, on rainy days, my family members used to make and enjoy this cake together. It can be said that it is a part of my beautiful childhood memories. Today I will show you how to do it. Let's watch the video.

Curator: @anggreklestari

Author: @ndari
Community: Foodies Bee Hive

Chicken Curry

I made a video and wrote the recipe below to make it easier for you to see the recipe and how I cook.

At my place this food is cooked during Eid events, usually chicken curry will be served with ketupat.
But now this dish can be eaten for everyday.

This food is synonymous with thick coconut milk and spices.

Curator: @anggreklestari

Author: @aswita
Community: Foodies Bee Hive

Breakfast Idea With Cheese Banana and Wedang Jahe

Indonesia have many kind of banana, i used kepok banana for this recipe. Kepok banana usual for fried banana (Indonesian namely Gorengan), and the flavor so good for this recipe! If you dont like ice cream for breakfast, you can use chocolate or maple syrup for another option! And i think my body need some energy and imun booster, i make a cup of wedang jahe (wedang ginger) using red ginger and lemongrass and pour with palm sugar. Its so great ide right?!

Curator: @anggreklestari

Author: @devyleona
Community: Cinnamon Cup Coffee

How does a 0.56 USD Cafe au Lait Taste?

Today I would like to share one of our foodie experience this time in tasting coffee, recently I don’t have any problem with my gastric, so I take coffee almost everyday but in the small size just to make my stomach get used to it. Last Saturday, Mom and I went to a mall and like usually we needed to buy some fruits and any other needs in the supermarket but looked what we found inside…

Curator: @millycf1976

Author: @endersong
Community: Music

Improvisación con amor 21/09/2021 | Improvisation with love 09/21/2021 | [ESP-ENG]

How are you my people, I hope you are doing great. Today I bring you an improvisation that came out after having a long time without playing the piano, the days have been atairado and I have forgotten the beauty of this instrument (sadly) but I'm here to recover little by little.

If you see me very happy in the video it's because after half of it my girlfriend appears, she came to listen to me and to sit next to me (not suitable for the anti-sweet tooth) hahahahaah.

Curator: @ylich

Author: @titisnariyah
Community: Foodies Bee Hive

SOLARIA#1; my favourit restaurant ever!

This time, I will review the menu that I ordered at Solaria Transmart Pekalongan. Regarding Solaria, apart from having many branches spread across big cities, they also promise affordable prices for their mainstay menus.

Curator: @anggreklestari

Author: @vicokiwi
Community: Bee on the Stage

Just Dance With Us Contest- Where have you been (Rihanna)👯‍♂️

In case you don't know what Just Dance is, I'll explain quickly. It is a game released by the ubisoft company in 2009 initially for the wii console, and later also found on the XBOX 360 WITH KINET. This game basically seeks to entertain its users through choreographies ranging from easy, medium to very difficult of various popular songs of all time, you can also earn stars according to the perfection of the steps and thus compete with other players in the same song.

Curator: @elizabeths14

This concludes this batch's curation report. We would like to congratulate those who are featured and supported. Keep up the good work and continue to post videos on Threespeak.

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