One scene process that took more than an hour


Hello I am RYO!

I am decline reward for my artwork due to my beliefs. If you want to know why I'm Decline, please read this post of mine👇

I regained my true heart

Thanks for all the comments on my last post.
There was a lot more discussion there than I expected.↓

So, My conclusion is that I'm going to continue with my activities for a while.
I will decline to post rewards for my artwork.

And when I post Japanese photos, I will post 60-80% new photos and text, and 20-40% copies of past artwork posts.
I'll take rewards for this, but if I get more attention or Downvotes I'll to Decline every post.

And now I'm considering posting to NFTs but I haven't figured out how to use it in detail yet.

I don't have a computer to begin with and do all my digital stuff on my smartphone.
Since NFTs focuses on beautiful digital art, so my art doesn't seem to be well suited.

And the most important thing for me is to be able to work freely without being bound by rules.
So I don't post to the community.
I would prefer to be free even if I have to throw away my reword.

So at the moment I am thinking about NFTs and my compatibility with it.
If NFTs is the best place for me I'll post there but right now I'm not sure.

This is the new process of my manga -MAYA of the Ayakashi:妖-.

This is my favorite page from the latest chapter10↓

CamScanner 08-31-2020 15.59.57_148.jpg

In my opinion, comedic scenes deepen the appeal of the characters😃
I like serious stories, but cheerful scenes can make the most of serious scenes.

And It took me an hour just for this one scene!↓

CamScanner 08-31-2020 15.59.57_149.jpg

It took me a lot of time to draw the contrast in the size of the characters, the position of his hands, and to balance Maya's expression and the hand touching her head

CamScanner 08-31-2020 15.59.57_150.jpg

I was particular about this scene because it makes it clear that she is still a girl in training.
It's implicitly tells you that she needs to grow more

CamScanner 08-31-2020 15.59.57_151.jpg

And the most important reason is that I simply wanted to draw Maya in a cute way😆
This simple reason is the most important motivation for me to drawing!✌️

CamScanner 08-31-2020 15.59.57_166.jpg



Part of Chapter10↓


Nin-jutsu(忍術)…It is a secret skill that only Ninjas have...
They sometimes control fire...
They can control water...
Sometimes they can disappear…
And sometimes they can multiply…
They manipulate a number of those skill...


And then, suddenly appear like a mist...
Kill the enemy!!!
There are a number of anecdotes about Ninjas like this circulating around...
It is a kind of story that has spread because Ninjas have been work and feared for the past several hundred years…
So…is it just "a story"?
The answer is…No


This is what he just did to us…!

The one that made this more powerful was…

That's right
Nin-jutsu…It is the mighty power of the Ninja...
But this power faded from people's memories with hundreds of years of peace...
But that's more than fine with us...because It's a secret skill that can't be taught outside the gates…
It's safe because people who think it's just an old story won't be over-targeted



These are part of my manga.
I don't want my work to be worthless relics of the past, and I like to look back on my work and see it over again, so sometimes I reprint some of them in new posts like this one😊

-MAYA of the Ayakashi:妖- Chapter10

🙈All my pictures are copyrighted to me, Malicious theft (copying) is illegal and prohibited🙈

-MAYA of the Ayakashi:妖- Chapter list

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This title image took about 10 hours

The manga takes about 4hours a 1page↓