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Hey all,

As a publisher you get to know plenty of good folks, less good ones, and just all kinds of walks of life in your network. Some you got to work with and hate every second of, and the ones that just take so much weight off of your shoulders you can hardly believe it.

So introducing Martin Fisher, one of the writers of my own series Life On Cora, and the writer for our new series The Radiant Sight!
He's got years of experience writing comics for Legos magazine in the UK, as well as writing his own graphic novels, writing for Life On Cora, and plenty more. This guy never runs out of ideas, while supporting me where ever he can getting the word out about Faeries and Ents.

So in January he came to me with an idea for a Korean drama inspired romance series, and after some back and forth, I just couldn't say no.

Check it out here:


The Radiant Sight is about Bit-Na, a girl from the lesser parts of town that inherits a magical dress, that when anyone puts it on, makes them irresistible.

Will it make Bit-Na go up in life and give her the love she deserves, or break her down to corruption...?

The Indiegogo exclusive cover my** E.J. Su**, only 50 will be made! He's known for his work on Transformers comics, Astro Bo, and much, much more!

Be sure to give him a follow on Instagram:

Since then we met Arch/Rokka in April, a well-versed manga style artist from India, and he's been doing a great job making the series come to life and we're super proud to have gotten him on board. Together with Yanic Leipzig and Ellen Kurtze doing the coloring, this is an incredibly strong art team!

Currently we're standing at only 6 days left of our first 30 days, which we'll be extending to 60 days, with only 19% of our goal! Now it's a flexible goal, meaning we're going to bring out this book no matter what, and keep going on the series. But that doesn't mean we don't want to get this book out to as many people as possible!

So we're humbly asking you to help us out by sharing the word and giving it a retweet on twitter or facebook, or if the series intrigues you, grab one of the pledging tiers.

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