Life and Mallorca, 5 of ?

Without a cannon in sight, it's about time for some more photos and goings on in my life here on Mallorca. Previously: 1, 2, 3, 4.

I must admit to having struggled to post about anything other than the planned pieces over the past few weeks, but slowly some head-space is returning and I'm starting to again enjoy what the island has to offer - cue sunsets and seaside photos...

I was recently told about a couple of places worth a visit and in cycling distance from my new home on the southwest side of the island, and so on Sunday I cycled up and down a few hills to find Portals Vells and Cala des Mago. On the map it looked like their were a few routes to take but at present, until the (seemingly pointless) military base that is not on the map is disbanded, that isn't true. Oh well, 6 extra kilometer's travelled, and a photo of where I was trying to get to.


Back on track and heeding the warning of cyclists - especially those without helmets and a 'good vibes' Spotify playlist coming through the earphones.


Strange to see a windmill in operation, even if it was just for show and not bringing fresh water up from the ground. This was next to a rather fancy looking golf course, and so maybe they pitched in for the cost.


Portals Vells


Cala des Mago - I had been told there's a nude beach near here but I didn't see any nakedness onshore - just some old dude on his boat, not fishing, but with his tackle out.


Another 20km on two wheels this year, which I enjoy being on a lot as there's plenty of time for own thoughts, without stepping into any dog-poop.

Further round the coast of Calvia, I visited a view point last week during my holidays. I've cycled past here before but this was 5 years ago when I lived much closer, and with only 2 bananas and a bottle of water, it wasn't the best planned trip.


Not a bad place to clear your head though!

Speaking of the car, which passed it's yearly roadworthiness test last week with flying colours, I managed to break it yesterday on a trip to the supermarket 🤦‍♂️. Approaching a roundabout and admittedly being a bit rough on the gear change, the box became loose and I trundled across with the emergencies on and down a slip-road.


After calling my insurance company, the truck driver phoned and asked me to send my location on Whatsapp and arrived shortly after. He loaded up the car in no time and asked if I was going with him to my local garage, which was shut (and is today due to a national holiday), but I hopped in the cabin as it's close to my house. He got in and said 'welcome to the party!', stuck some music on and hammered it to the garage, going faster over the seemingly thousands of speedbumps on route than I do in the car. It arrived still on the back though and he impressively parked up and reversed the car nicely into a spot opposite the garage I went to only last week. Fingers crossed it's not too expensive, I will find out mañana.

Socially, I've met a couple of new people and had chance to head back to the east cost to see mum and friends. After recent events, they have asked/suggested/demanded I return to Cala Millor for a little while to re-group. To me, it feels like going backwards and I'm siding towards not doing what people say and either staying in this small town, or moving closer to the capital, Palma.

Last weekend I was in the city and following sunset beers we found a bar in which a few people were dancing outside, wearing some rather chunky headphones. A 'Silent disco', I think is the term, was in progress and after a pair was put on my head without much choice, 'channel' pink was banging out some pretty decent progressive trance 😁


I did have to turn them down a bit but it was great to be out of the house and watching people dance, whilst trying to do the same. Thank you, new friend!

A few weeks ago I signed up for a 'conscious' pool party, which if you are wondering is not an orgy. There was lots of meditating, starring into strangers eyes, dancing on the grass, and some very friendly people to chat to, mainly about their spiritual journey I guess.

Thanks to that day out, I'm now meditating almost daily (after a 20 odd year layoff 🤷‍♂) and have picked up some books which drew my attention whilst the people present were discussing them.

I'm currently partway through The Celestine Prophecy and managed a couple of chapters at a local beach bar - here!


Spicy chips, a few beers, some decent music, and book subtitled 'how to refresh your approach to tomorrow with a new understanding, energy and optimism' - That will do nicely.



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