Life and Mallorca, 4 of ?

It feels like a while since I wrote anything on this topic - 4 months since the last one and so time for a long overdue update. Previous efforts are here, more for my reference than anything else! - 1, 2, 3.

I do like the opening image on these posts to highlight some of the best features of Mallorca. This will usually include a sunset or a shot of the Mediterranean Sea, and so why break a winning formula? Apologies for my foot which is blemishing an otherwise fantastic view of some of the delights Mallorca has to offer.

So, have I been accepted into Spain as a UK expat? Yes! After 5 months of waiting and resubmitting further paperwork to prove I was insured for medical emergencies, I have been granted a 5 year visa. And as long as I am a good citizen during this time, this visa can be renewed and will allow me to stay on Spanish soil for good.

I'm still waiting to collect my card, but that should happen in the next month or so and then I can do other cool things like apply for a license to fly my drone, and apply for a Spanish driving license. Apparently I have 6 months to do the latter following the arrival of my residence card, but I may need to take an aptitude/reactions test and another practical test. This sounded very unappealing when I first heard about this a couple of months ago, but seeing as 82 year old I know who drives like crap has recently done both and I've driven around 1000km of late over here, I'm feeling much less concerned about this now.

Recently, the UK has stopped the bullshit of requiring a 2 week isolation for Brits returning to the UK after a holiday on the island, and so that has meant the tourist season is finally underway. Most of my friends, who have spent the last 15 months in the pub, are now back working in the many bars and restaurants that have finally re-opened. Most are broke, and many business owners owe a lot of rent - some have also decided to sell and call it a day, which does present opportunities for those with some cash looking for a business opportunity. Personally I would not touch anything related to tourism just yet, but there are some bargains available I hear.


A hotel in Cala Bona, looks pretty cool for those cycling by, but unless the curtains are blackouts, the ever changing colours must be well annoying.




The car has been very handy and allowed me to visit friends (see photo 1) and places I've not previously seen on the island. Finding a Cala with just a handful of people there and super clear water to swim in has been common, Mallorca is just awesome for this, and you should visit!


Enough hot air from me for now, and I shall leave you with a couple of balloons which passed rather close to my residence a couple of weeks ago. If you can speak German, you may even be able to hear and understand what the passengers are saying.

If it is 'look at that tool recording us', no need to share that with me :)

Cheers all,


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