Ads.txt improve adsense earning? Let's discuss

Hi guys my name is lucky ali and today i am gonna talk all about adss.txt. People who not added this file then you have to add it first in your website otherwise you will see error or warning. So first thing is it does not guaranty that when you will put ads.txt and immedietly your adsense earning will improve.

But the it guaranty is that your revenue loss problem will be solved. So first thing is this is not innovation of google. It is the product of iab. Iab is interactive advertise beuro. So it decide beauro. The main aim behind this innvotion is to save from counterfiet inventory.


Counterfiet product mean is duplicate product with same company name in other words you can say fake. Because of this manufacturer lossing and secondly retailer also lossing. So that copy person getting benefit. Advertiser's ads showing on low quality content websites so that is why it is necessary to show ads only on quality content website.

So ads.txt is the solution of all these problems. So the google also liked this thing and recommended to everyone. You will not get major gain but you see the improvement after adding ads.txt but make sure your website is good content website otherwise you will loss n cpc rate which is per click rate with or without ads.txt.


If you are blogger and using google adsense then put it in your website as soon as possible because there is no loss putting ads.txt in your website. The benefit of publisher is you are getting more ads.

Some advertisers only allow to show their ads on the website which has ads.txt. So keep that in your mind guys.

It is overall beneficial for all so that is why you have to add ads.txt in your webisite. This is called fair deal buddy. It is very easy to upload ads.txt file and you can search it on google.

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