Life in Bohol in Mobile Photos Part 1

I wonder if it's just me but I don't like deleting photographs taken on my phone. I always keep them if possible tucked in but due to the low memory, I have no other option but to take them out and save them on my computer.

However, after transferring a lot of pictures and videos, my laptop's hard drive is also in the red zone now and I know I have to delete these files soon. I have tried erasing some other videos on my drive, transferring them on my external hard drives but lo and behold, I still need to delete more.

Now, I thought it would be best to keep a memory of these pictures before deleting them because they have my baby's precious pictures. I made a video compilation of the photos now and will soon publish it here as well. For now, let me share with you our life in Bohol from my mobile phone's photos. These were taken from November 2020 until today.

Notice that we live in Cebu for years until we decided to move to Bohol due to the pandemic.

On our first night after the 14 days community quarantine period, we were finally at home, although still in-home quarantine, my husband and I were glad that we could finally sleep comfortably.


My husband and our baby at my parent's room. We slept here while our room is still smelly from all the painting done.


At home with my papa, Matti's grandfather. This is our home now.


My father was very fond of playing with Matti. Here, Matti was still three months old and he loves to play with his favorite and first toy - Ellie the elephant.


Our first time to go to church, finally after the home quarantine. A total of 21 days being quarantined! We were blessed that our results show negative!


My baby showing off his tongue. He's a chubby baby at three months! Today, he has thinned down a bit as he is very active at 11 months.


In December, Matti had his first time at the beach. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take some photographs on my phone while we were at the beach, nonetheless, this picture showed that he was ready to get some sand in his toes!


We finally moved to our room. My husband had set up his working station too!

Family group photo at a cafe in Duero. it was a great time with the whole gang. There were no other guests when we went there so we had the whole place to ourselves.

The grandparents holding Matti's cousin, she was still a month old here.

Matti received a gift from his uncle, a brand new Nike shoes! They were shipped from Cebu and they are the cutest! It was still too big for Matti though.


Here's Matti with his new shoes.


After many attempts, Matti has been successful with turning over. Yey! Milestone achieved!


His Achi Aiesha loved to talk to him and she was entertaining Matti always when she is at home. This was in our room. Matti and achi spending some quality time together!

Stay tune for the next part!


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