The purpose of the Make It Healthy Project is to share truth, knowledge and good-health-inspiration with the Steemit community.  This includes physical, mental, spiritual and social aspects.

This MAGAZINE will be issued weekly (expect for next week when I'm away!) and will bring together all the wonderful 'healthy happenings' within the Steemit community - tips, inspiration, motivation, recipes....  All kinds of good stuff!  It will surely evolve as the weeks go on and I get chance to add more.  I will be looking to do interviews with Steemians too, so if you have a project of your own or something you particularly wish to bring attention to, please let me know.

This is not a sole mission, but a collaborative effort involving any Steemians who wish to share their knowledge and expertise (scroll down for details on how to get involved).

To cut a long story short – in Aug 2016 my personal blog was primarily concerned with sharing recipes for homemade healthy alternatives to (poisonous) processed products.  I then took over hosting the Steemit Culinary Challenge, and through that my ideas graduated to a project promoting all areas of health.

I'm a wife and mother, who cares deeply about the health of my family and indeed the health of everyone!  The thing I realised quite profoundly several years ago was: health is life... literally.  If you don't have your health... what good is anything else? 

At the moment we have an abundance of food and recipe posts, but please feel free to share anything related to good health... let your imagination go wild!  I'm afraid I don't have time to read and comment on all posts, but please don't let that put you off sharing.  It's all appreciated and all very valuable!

To see all the posts from the past 7 days, please click HERE.

To see all historical posts since the launch of the project, please click HERE.

All posts tagged with #makeithealthy get re-steemed, and then remain available for browsing through any time you like by visiting the @make-it-healthy page. 

I will be cataloging posts as soon as I get chance, but for now at least they are all saved and available on the @make-it-healthy blog and not lost somewhere in Steemit history!

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What I learned from the cleaner (janitor) - by @healthsquared

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Hair care - by @the-best-health

PHYSICAL -  "Start where you are.  Use what you have.  Do what you can" ~ Arthur Ashe

MENTAL -  "Unplug from the drama.  Re-charge with the Mama" ~ unknown

SPIRITUAL -  "I am losing precious days.  I am degenerating into a machine for making money.  I am learning nothing in this trivial world of men.  I must break away and get out into the mountains to learn the news" ~ John Muir

SOCIAL -  "A heart that gives, gathers" ~ Marianne Moore

 What if time spent creating these health-inspiring posts wasn't simply a chance for SBD or peer appreciation, but also held the possibility of changing lives for the better?  Of prolonging lives because you shared crucial information? Actually keeping people alive and well!  How's that for motivation!!! 

If you don't find time to be healthy, you'll have to make time to be sick.  There's far too much unnecessary sickness in the world, so let's do something about it, even if it's only one recipe, or one tip, or one good-health-inspiring post.  Let's give the world a helping hand.  Together, let's Make It Healthy. 

Please remember INCLUDE A LINK TO THIS PROJECT in your posts and spread the word!  Many thanks x

Ideas for Topics

 Food,   ingredients,   recipes (no sugar, processed, refined or artificial ingredients please),   diets,   nutrition,   hydration,   vitmains/minerals/supplements,   ananlysis of store-bought-products,   weight-loss,   exercise,   exercise equipment & hacks,   healing,   natural remedies,   natural medicines,   homeopathy,   homesteading,   gardening,   homemade beauty products/cosmetics,   illness/symptoms,   oral health,   hygiene,   environment,   pollution/toxins,   art/crafts,   meditation,   relaxation,   mindfulness,   motivation,   grounding,   feng sui,   counselling,   journaling,   dance,   music,   health website reviews,   sex,   addiction,   depression/anxiety,   homeschooling/unschooling,   fostering,   sleep/insomnia,   hair & skin care,   stress,   pregnancy/birth,   sun exposure,   clothing/materials,   death/grief,   community,   solitude,   disabilities,  fasting/intermittent fasting,   personal health journeys/testimonies 

-  Tell us about your personal health journey – what inspired or motivated you to change your attitudes/approaches and what are the results?


-  How has Steemit influenced your health choices?

-  Interview a friend (with consent) about their health journeys.  What can we learn from hearing about what your friend has gone through?

-  Tell us about what kind of activities or resources are available in your country or local area?  E.g. Local organic produce, fitness programmes, exercise classes, social clubs, wholefoods stores, healthy bakeries, initiatives to encourage healthy children

-  Interviews with owners/managers of health-related shops, health programmes, resources – find out the inspiration behind these businesses

-  “Make Me Healthy” - with full consent of a family member or friend, make them your 'project' and bring them to better health!

-  Bake healthy snacks to share among your community eg colleagues, neighbours, care homes, local creche/schools, and share these good works with us.

-  Initiate health projects for your child's school – art, music, healthy eating, exercise... make a day of it, invite the parents, invite the whole community! 

Unconventional Living Vs Mainstream Living:  What's Your Opinion?

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Introduction to the "Make It Healthy Project"

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