Lose Weight... In Front of the Mirror! (And Other Effective Tips For Indoor Weight-Loss)...

For many of us - even us countryside folk with fields all around - it's a problem to actually get outdoors to do some fat-burning exercise.  For example, if you have a baby and no-one else to mind it whilst you exercise.

So what can you do when you can't get out?

Well, you do it indoors of course!  And if you an open a window then you get the benefit of some fresh air circulating too.  Great stuff.

During my pregnancy I piled on a whopping 5 stone.  That was half to do with pregnancy complications that meant no exertion at all (not even housework) and half to do with comfort eating following the death of my beloved young cat Magic.  My C-section meant no exercise for a further 6 weeks after my boy was born, but since he was premature and suffered a collapsed lung, I was advised not to take him outside for 2 months... But even after that the ferocious winter storms confined us to the house most of the time for months.  I was very frustrated and despised the weight of my unfamiliar body!  I didn't feel like myself at all and was pretty depressed.

So, one day I decided rather than moan about a situation I couldn't change, I'd have to figure out a way to work with it.  So this was what I did...

I began an exercise regime in my bedroom... with my baby in his cot or on the bed behind me.  I would do aerobics and on-the-spot running right here in the space between my bed and the mirror.  

This is a REALLY EFFECTIVE TIP for on-the-spot running - do it in front of a mirror.  Why?  Well, as you soon find out when you begin to run, the scenery in front of you goes up and down, up and down, and can make you feel kinda sickly.  But in front of a mirror, as you go up and down so does your reflection, and no sickly feeling at all.  Try it and see!  

I can run for hours this way, and most of that 5 stone was lost right here in front of my mirror.  Aerobics and running.  First thing on a morning before eating.  

I also bought an exercise step.  They're inexpensive and really useful to have when you're confined to indoor exercise.  Most of them can be adjusted higher or lower, so you get a good leg work out, walking or jogging steps.  This one came with dumbells too, only 0.75kg, but still enough weight to get some extra exercise to your arms!  Great for power-walking/running.  Or sit on the sofa and work your arms... why not?  Every little movement helps!

The last bit of equipment I found very helpful was this turbo trainer.  If you haven't seen one before it's also known as a 'stationary bike stand'.  You simply place your bike onto the stand and it makes your bike stationary, then you can cycle anywhere you like in the house/garage/garden.  You connect it up to your bike gears so you can adjust the resistance, and pretend you're peddling up hills!  Cycle in front of the tv, or right next to your baby as he/she lies on their baby gym.  A parent-baby work out, perfect!

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