How to Remove ALL Harmful Ingredients From Your Diet FOREVER in 4 EASY STEPS!

There's an assumption among some of my friends that because I have cut out processed, refined and artificial foods, it somehow leaves me with very few choices.  “But what do you eat?  Just vegetables and rice or something?” A genuine query, but I can't help but laugh.  Truth be told I have never had so much variety, so much flavour, and so much enjoyment from what I'm eating!  There's an endless array of beautiful natural foods, an endless assortment of tasty dishes, and so many of them are just as quick and easy to prepare as 'convenience' food.  Yep, even chocolate.  Best of all, none of them make me feel ill; quite the opposite.  I feel nourished.  



Print out this list of harmful ingredients (found in most processed foods, even baby food, even 'sugar free', and even those claiming to be 'natural').


Once armed with the list, check the ingredients of ALL food items in your kitchen cupboards, fridge, freezer, snack drawer, etc, and simply discard all items which contain even one of these harmful ingredients.  They're only fit for the bin.  Yes, it's a waste of money, but to consume them is a waste of good health, and to give them away equates to poisoning your mates, so the choice is yours!


Put the list into your wallet or purse, and use it to check ingredients of food items in the supermarket before you buy them.  Anything with even a hint of these harmful ingredients you must view as POISON.  Imagine a skull & crossbones on the label.  Never buy this product again, even if it's your favourite thing in the whole world.  A little bit of poison is still poison.  You'll get over it, and your body will thank you!   After a while, you won't need the list anymore.  You'll be able to recognise bad products a mile off.


Make sure it's well and truly in your head that the only food to result in good health is that which is whole, unaltered and in its natural state.  This isn't the end of tasty meals and treats, not at all.  But your new diet will require some creative thinking, and some creative cooking.  

Thankfully, there are hundreds of Steemians eager to share their beautiful healthy recipes with you!  Just check out the food category... you'll see them.  Many of us have been eating the wrong food for too long.  Now it's time to eat to heal, which we do every time we choose to...


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