Homemade Healthy Alternatives to Store-Bought Snacks for Children - A Selection of My Original Recipes (vegetarian)

By request from several other parents I've put together this collection of my snacks recipes for children.  I'm ever so grateful to be a 'home Mama' with time to prepare healthy wholesome food for my little 'un, as getting the right kind of goodness into them whilst their bodies and systems are developing is so important.  I fully appreciate not everyone has time to cook and bake in-between full-time jobs and grocery runs and errands and social activities, etc.  But you'll be pleased to know that most of these recipes were designed with time constraints in mind, and are really quick to whip up for the kids (or for yourself!)  

A lot of the time there's not much difference between a snack for a child and one for adults... as long as ingredients are free from sugar, processed and refined ingredients (and also take into account choking risks for the very little ones).  I try to shape them in fun ways, for example I bake miniature soda breads for my son whenever I bake a loaf for us.  Things like salad/fruit skewers, falafels, potato salad, cheese bread twists, anything like that which looks fun and appetising will usually get the thumbs up!  So here's a few ideas and recipes from me... all of which can be adapted to suit persoanl tastes, dietary requirements, or altered to be made vegan if wished.


Homemade Potato Crisps (Some Flat, Some Spiral!)

"Beauty-Fruity Green Millet for Infants!"

"Toddler Stew!"

Roasted Melon Wedges and Seeds

Fresh Strawberries & Cream Birthday Muffins! (Sugar Free, Gluten Free, Paleo)

Aduki & Hazelnut Falafels (Vegetarian, Gluten Free)

Cinnamon Cookies (No Sugar)

Pecan & Date Gingerbread Men (No Sugar)

Savoury Seed & Sundried Tomato Biscuits 

The Perfect Scones for Sweet or Savoury (No Sugar)

Manuka Honey, Hazelnut & Golden Linseed Creamy Cheesecake (No Sugar)

Easy Peasy "Don't-Call-Them-Scone-Balls" Apple & Hazelnut Scone Balls!!! (No Sugar)

Sugar-Free Raw Vegan Fruit & Nut Tart 

GLUTEN FREE and SUGAR FREE Coconut, Date & Hazelnut Cookies

GLUTEN FREE and SUGAR FREE Healthy Blueberry Muffins

Sweet Heart Sticky Fig Caramel Pastries (No Sugar)

Sticky 'n' Sweet Lemon and Ginger Cups (No Sugar)

Apple, Blueberry & Hazelnut Tarts with a Wholewheat & Almond Crust (No Sugar)

Moist Gingerbread with Crunchy Hazelnut Topping (No Sugar)

Sticky Apple & Fig Cacao Swirl Pastries (No Sugar)

Herby Wholewheat Scone-Based Pizza, Topped with Mediterranean Veg

Mini Blueberry & Wheatgrass Honey Cookies (No Sugar)

EASY Goji Berry Heart Honey Cookies (No Sugar)

Sweet Cinnamon Oaties (No Sugar)

Healthy Alternative to Ice Cream - Creamy Vanilla Frozen Yoghurt (No Sugar)

Savoury Sweet-Potato Bread with Green Peanut Butter Hummus

Sweet Potato & Cacao Swirl Pastries (No Sugar)

"Good for Mama, Good for Baby"

Cereal Bars

Chewy Date & Apricot Flapjack Fingers

Sweet Cinnamon Crunchy Chickpeas

Mini Carrot & Orange Cakes

Crunchy Date & Ginger Semolina Cookies

Carrot & Ginger Wholewheat Scones

Apple & Ginger Oat Cookies

Wholewheat Irish Soda Bread

Apple Crumble Flapjack Bites

Apple Crumble Crunchy Slices

Frozen Banana & Pineapple Yoghurt

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