For The "Make It Healthy Project" please follow @make-it-healthy!

Just letting all of you know that my "Make It Healthy Project" has just moved to the project account @make-it-healthy.  A few moments ago I posted my introduceyourself post, with all the information about the project and how you can be involved too.

Many thanks to everyone who has begun to use the #makeithealthy tag already... fantastic posts so far and I'm delighted with such a wonderful start to the project!  Your enthusiasm and support makes this project a positive one for me, and I look forward to seeing all the amazing things you share from your own knowledge and lives.  Keep it coming, it's ever so valuable for the whole community, and for the families of Steemians too!

This year let's all think of ways we can help each other become healthier and happier, and encourage others around us to make their choices healthy ones.  

For other good stuff, including information related to good health, crafts, photography... follow me @woman-onthe-wing

Many thanks, much love.

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