From Entertainer, to Artist, to Truth Seeker....


Long before I had words to describe my curiosity, I was already inquiring into Secret Things. Long before any pursuit of artistry became possible for me, I was already out there asking, seeking, wandering, playing. Long before I knew anything about playing cards, my position was already determined in the perpetual shuffling of Life.

I have lived many lives of honesty, also many lives of deceit, befriending the virtuous, the cunning, the outcast and the common man. In my quest to find what honour means in a world of deception, who I am in this life, my journey has been filled with triumph and disaster, adventures and revelations.

Without realising, my story was written; without reservation through fifty-two companions my story is chronicled, and through you, Ladies and Gentlemen, my story comes alive. My name is Jin, and this is where we begin...


I've often find myself now pondering all that has happened in my life, that which was taken away from me with this whole Convid Hoax. Where do I stand in this? I'm still trying to find my way.

But one thing for sure is that i no longer wish to be a part of this corrupt system. You could say i am a little grateful for this whole global tyranny in a it's opened the eyes of my soul much wider to the deception that has been perpetrated on this beautiful earth and it's inhabitants.

I still harbour hope to perform again....yet along the way I have a job to do....with the skill gained from years of performing for many audiences in live theatre shows, in street shows, private shows...all of these situations were lessons into the nature of the human condition...this skill i bring back in hopes of using my character, my energy, my spirit of magic, my card artistry, to wake the world up and help those who also wish to get out of this corrupt system.

Welcome you bad mothafockaz to my channel!

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