Commitment and mission

This is about commitment and is something of a mission statement.

There are other comment-based or reply-based appreciation tokens and bots on Hive. They're great and I love them. They seem to be for showing appreciation, for the fun of it, for use in games, for purchases, and perhaps for investment or currency purposes. This is great and this is fine in my view...Hive is a big tent and can welcome many inside.

Mission statement: The goal of LUVshares is to spread love around the Hive blockchain.

This goal was stated on day one of LUVshares. I just wanted to relay that I'm committed to keeping and sticking to that simple mission.

Despite this mission, LUVshares has dabbled in a few of the other endeavors...

  • NFT sales to raise money for the minimal expenses of the bot and to buy HP.
  • Buy-with-LUV NFTs are being worked on currently.
  • The fact that LUV is on the Hive-Engine markets obviously means that it can be bought and sold. So, things like token supply and emission rates are market mechanisms affecting prices and holding's value. I'm cognizant of this and, though I really don't wish to get into this side of things, it's a reality. When these are changed, results follow.

One of the most recent posts I made was titled "Balance", which was a little long-winded and numberish. Summed, there are two somewhat competing directions here.

  1. LUV could be opened to anyone and everyone to be shared without any hindrances (thus, undermining value due to excessive plentifulness [?]).
  2. LUV distribution could be throttled (thus, supporting value due to extreme rarity [?]).


I'm currently tip-toeing some middle-ground balancing act inside that big Hive circus tent.

I'm staying committed to trying to keep token supply and emission rates as stable and predictable as possible. Yet, my primary commitment is fidelity to the mission...sharing love throughout the Hive chain.


LUV should be shared. Share the LUV.

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