Manchurian Candidate [My Favorite LOLitician]: He Is Still Standing

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A friend mentioned me in an ongoing contest organized by @BDCommunity
And in the contest, we are to write something funny about a politician we either like or hate.
I don't know how this sounds but either way, let's just see what we have here

As a girl, I have never been interested in any political matters, even to date.
I feel I have no business in whatsoever is going on or whatsoever our political leaders are doing, but then there is this man that whenever his name is mentioned, it is always ringing a bell. Since from my nursery school days.

Meet my favorite politician; Chief Godswill Obot Akpabio. Though many people dislike this man, I like some things about him. He is energetic, bold, outspoken, and cheerful. He is also a giver, mark my words.


I have personally benefitted once from this man when I was still in high school.
He was the former governor of Akwa Ibom State. Also a former Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
I don't think there is anyone alive both young and old that haven't heard some facts about this man.

He has implemented so many projects in Akwa Ibom State such as the building of schools and hospitals. Constructions of road and flyover/bridges.
He has helped the widows and orphans by contributing and donating money and food products to them and even building houses for them as well.
He also built The International Stadium which is named after him (Godswill Akpabio International Stadium)



Godswill Akpabio has been accused many times of embezzlement and stealing the government's money, but who cares? I always tell myself, at least even if the man stole and also embezzled as they said then it doesn't matter to me because there are many shreds of evidence of the things he has done with some of that money, he has invested into lives, properties, and projects. There are so many people the man has helped directly or indirectly.

He has changed people's story in one way or the other, he might not have been the best governor but he remains my favorite in Akwa Ibom State
This same man had produced books; exercise books for schools and has renovated so many of those schools.

I can go on and on praising this man people despise. For the truth is, in my eyes, his good deeds have covered up his bad deeds. We only live judgment to the Almighty Judge (God)



Even as a young girl I would never forget his Campaign Slogan Which was "Let God's will be done"
And indeed God's will was done and he became the governor of Akwa Ibom State from May 29, 2007, to May 29, 2015.

I did love his governance and tenure. He was a member of the PDP party, which means "People's Democratic Party" Though he later changed his party with reasons best known to him.
This man is still standing irrespective of everything.
I have said a little about my favorite politician and I wish to wrap it all up here.

Thank you to @BdCommunity for giving us this opportunity to say a little about our favorite politician

Till I come your way next time, I remain;

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