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When they order a pallet, no one cares if one is broken.

When they order one, if its scuffed, they will be irate.

When i was a storeman, we had to dispatch these shitty russian glass fish bowls, they cost approximately 50 cents.

They cost 50 cents, because they were trash, interestingly with a RRP of $19.95

WELL these fucking things were so fragile, it would take me at least 20 minutes to pack one

You get the box, then you cut the foam, then you place the absorbing paper, then you wrap it - THEN you got the bigger box, and filled it with bubble - then you wrapped the box, with fragile tape and this way up, that way, when the person unloading the truck decides to yeet your package into the conveyor belt, it doesn't break.

And yall might be like 'inst that an incredible waste of time and packaging? surely the foam would have been enough.


Because when your thing rocks up broken, you complain to office, office complains to logistics, then your supervisor is yelling at you.

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