Please don't get upset because of lockdown-make it an opportunity for yourself.

Hi friends!

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Corona outbreak has forced us to stay inside home. In many countries lockdown is imposed. So, it is not possible for people to go outside and have fun and also it is not wise to take risk as we have no cure of the disease. That's why staying inside is the most appropriate thing for everyone.

But, continuous lockdown can also make people sick. Life have become boring and this sudden change is increasing frustration, anxiety and depression among people. People are counting the days when lockdown will end. But, we should not be pessimistic. We can use the lockdown period for constructive works. We can pursue our hobbies and learn new things for which our busy life has no time to spare with.

You can do painting, learn a new language, learn to dance, write blogs, play blockchain based games, enhance your cooking skill, read books and can do many more things. One should give priority to one's family and try to enhance the family bonding. Do something which may increase your money in some way.

So, friends please don't get upset because of lockdown. Use this period for yourself and your family. Be healthy and stay safe.

Love from @erica.

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