Thoughts in Verse

Why is it so much easier to write a few verses of a poem than it is to string together paragraphs of less stringently strung together words on subjects which I've long known?

It seems these days, when I'm crushed for time and still want to contribute thoughts to this community, it's through the outlet of poetry that my words come together with more fluidity.

What is poetry anyways, but an expression within subjective confines of rules that were conjured by the minds of many, then to be adapted by the few who pretend they know what to do?

Is meter and rhyme an important thing to note when defining the articulation of words written in varying degrees of rigidity- or intended deviations and is breaking those rules a sin?

Uncertain, I am, of where my intuition comes from when it comes to the nature of words and the conjuring of ideas, freely grown from nothing from the likes of ancient artifacts.

Although I can't quite explain why, it's not my intention to complain or stress over the blessing that allows me to express mundane thoughts as if they are truly rare gifts bestowed upon my wits.

Acknowledging my gifts makes me feel tainted as if to praise art work which I'd painted and it makes me feel strange to share openly with people of whom I'm new yet well acquainted.

Again I share my thoughts without first considering a rhyme or reason to this particular season of thought and for this reason, these thoughts may easily be forgot.

Give me reason or give me death, or give me a million grievances upon my dying breath, but don't bait me with your holdon voice only to recoil upon mention of mine own rejoice.

For today, I've learned a lesson, which has long since been yearned for and deep within been burned for and that is simply the trust of simplicity that comes from willing mind's complicity.

Thoughts, dreams, ideas and lives-are bursting at the seams with the inspiration to fuel entire lives, worlds or nations and the greatest gift is that it takes contemplation.

Much love and stay well.

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