My name is Ahmed. I am a twenty-six year old male, living in the United States, presently working as a computer engineer in Baltimore, Maryland. I was born and brought up in Egypt. I have lived there my whole life. Am I American, no I live in the United States. Am I Egyptian, no I live in the US. It lies in the heart and soul of everyone to think about the origin of our race. It is our ethnic background that shapes our destiny. It is in our blood. As an American, as an Egyptian, I live as an Arab.

I had an distinguished upbringing in Egypt complete with love, pride, life and death. Both my parents were muslims. My father, Ahmed Azzam, worked as a professor in the university of Minya, he was a man of high respect and fame within our society. My mother, Dr. Asma Al-Gamel, worked as a doctor in the local hospital of Saiug, a district of the city. Their life was well known by all that knew them. They were a happy couple with a total of four children, three girls and me, the only boy. My sisters, Khadija, Safaa and Reem, were beautiful and elegant just like roses in the garden. I have four sisters, it is typical in our society.

I grew up in the country of Egypt and I loved it with all my soul. My happiest memories happened on the desert, roaming around the desert with my mother, my sisters, my friends or my family. We were free, we were at peace, we did whatever we wished. We did not need someone telling us what to do. We knew what was right and wrong. We were ready to face everything, no matter what. We lived completely free and without the fear of death. It was a great life.

It was difficult for me to understand that some people will criticize that life. And they said that we do not have rights, we are not human. They say that we are not living our stories, our life is not fair. And that our life is not decent. But what about the air we breath, our food, the water we drink, the sky that we see, the sun that shines, the moon that dips, the stars that dance, the plants that grow, the animals that roam, the bacteria that make our lives...what about them? Then why do we not have rights? If they are so important, why don't they want us to have them?

I believe that life is beautiful. And that is the key to happiness. To be able to enjoy what we have, in all ways, between the heaven and the earth. There was a myth of an ancient race, they called them 'the Anunnaki'. They were like the ancient gods whom the ancient Egyptians worshipped. According to the ancient texts of the Earth, this was a race of advanced beings, from another planet. They brought the technology to us. They were our guides. They have been given the name 'the Gods of the ancient Egyptians'. They used to shape the human destiny and oversaw the human life.

One day, they have decided to leave, to go back to their home. They were leaving the human race, having to take their leave. But, before they go, they had a meeting with the three wise men of the ancient civilization of Cheop. They were given three tasks, three tests that they will have to find the answers for. This will help them in a great deal to understand themselves as humans. From our knowledge, their mission was a success.

Out of all the choices they could have made, they decided to become one of us. They decided to choose the life of a human. They thought that giving it a try would help them in understanding themselves as a human. The problem was, however, that they did not exist as a human. They were not born as one. Their bodies did not have human features at all.

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