A sigh to the silence of some damn kisses


This is a story about a girl

who lost her lover

in a park near a creek

in a city with a cemetery…

This is a story about a girl

who lost her lover

in a city with a cemetery

in a country with a park

and a creek with a tree

That tree was a tree

wearing a swing with a rope,

she loved that tree,

the tree loved that rope,

the rope loved that swing.

But the girl didn't love the boy,

the boy loved the girl,

the girl loved the boy,

the boy loved the girl,

but the girl didn't love the boy

because the boy was a liar

who couldn't love anyone,

so the boy

didn't love the girl.

He kissed her and told her

she was a liar and a cheat,

and never wanted to see her

again, ever.

When she didn't love the boy,

again, not ever,

she sighed

and let her tears fall.

She didn't love the boy,

but the boy loved the girl

and loved the girl until he

died, in a park

in a city with a cemetery.

Now, in this cemetery there is

a blue fence with rusty black hooks.

There are gravestones covered in

a moldy gray dust.

There are mangled flowers,

scars and saw blades,

and there is a small

leafy looking tree,

with a branch

that has a swing

in a blue sky filled

with black clouds,

with a few twinkling stars.

The swing is hanging motionless;

a broken rope swinging.

Then it starts to rain,

the swing will move

back and forth with the rain.

The rain will rain and rain,

until there is silence,

silence with a sigh,

a sigh with a silence,

a sigh with a silence of some damn kisses.


Amazon Reader Reviews:

"Beautifully written; this writer does not go for the obvious; she takes the reader through complex and subtle twists and turns in the tale. This is not your typical boy girl lover, I was absolutely thrilled with it."

"Great piece of writing, rich in originality. Amazing story, I never saw the ending coming. Very erotic in some places."

"Good Morning Mary! I am very impressed by this story! It's difficult not to become emotionally involved with this tale. I am impressed with your ability to take your readers to a variety of settings in this journey of love. I LOVE the way that the environment becomes alive with inanimate objects.

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