Some eyes made in a view of the universe


It was not always so.

The universe was always here.

And so was I.

I remember everything.

I remember the twinkle of the stars in the infinite, black.

I remember the time when my planet was populated.

I remember the days when my fathers and mothers were humans.

I remember the planets that I stood upon, the trees that stood tall on my planet, the monuments that I built,

and the humans that worshipped me.

I had dominion over the animals that lived on my planet, and they were under my obeisance.

The humans who were on my planet worshipped me, and I enjoyed my presence on my own planet.

But the word of the gods, who lived on a different planet, was sent to me on a fateful day, and my world fell apart. They wanted my planet. I was told that I had to leave my planet and go on a voyage across the seas of the cosmos to help them in a war.

The gods did not want a war, but a tyrant of a different planet had sent a force of warships to force the gods into a war. It's a long story. I asked a mono-wheeled robot with a tripod top-knot that I'd created to tell me. The gods wanted me to join their forces and help them in a war.

"You are the eldest of the gods," said the mono-wheeled robot with a tripod top-knot, with a mixture of awe and deference.

And so I was.

I was taller than any of the gods.

In defiance, I set out from my planet and joined the gods on a different planet.

The gods wanted me to give the ships and the technology that I had created to them. I'd never seen the ships. The god who sent for me created them. The ships were huge and were large enough to hold a planet and could travel at the speed of light. I was made the Captain of the fleet.

And so we began our journey, over the seas of the universe, to the other planet where the other gods awaited.

I created one hundred million robots to sail with me. They would serve as sailors on my ships, and as soldiers in case of war. Each of them were given a picture and a person to protect and help. And so the journey began.

For the humans on my planet, the incident of me leaving was like a sparkling candle that once gave light and warmth to their lives, and then was extinguished forever.

Most humans on my planet assumed that I was dead. I had never been seen or heard by humans. No-ne knew what I looked like, and the stories that humans had heard about me were just stories. Nobody had ever seen me, and nobody knew what I was like, and so my departure was cheered.

The journey to the gods' planet took millions of years. This fact exhausted me.

On the journey, I met other gods on planets, and we fought all of the wars, the one I was needed for.

The wars were like miserable affairs.

The battles on the journey were vicious. And I was exhausted.

It was indeed a long journey; the journey to the other planet. It took about two hundred million years. It was tedious.

Tired of the fighting, I decided to create some peace.

I set out an olive branch while I was still in the universe. The new system was not foolproof. A group of demons took me by surprise in the universe.

I was outnumbered. I was surrounded.

I had created the demons with my own hands to help me in the war, my father had created them for this purpose.

On our first voyage I fell asleep and dreamt.

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