He sat in the cold ship, staring at the window before him, the window that looked out into space, out into the vast expanse that silently lay before him. Reflecting back at him, he saw his own distraught face. Tears filled his eyes, but at the same time, he was also blinded by his fury.

'But... how...how did this happen? I had to be fast. I had to be strong. I had to believe in myself...'

It seemed so long ago, but it was just three days ago that he had challenged this Zorvicon.

The Zorvicon. If it can be said to exist at all; this lone, vast, dark asteroid had the power to command waves upon waves of mindless fighters.

In a blinding flash, millions, millions upon millions of troops appeared from from the dark asteroid from the dark bowels of space.

He was working alone.

His heart, his life, his soul, his very being was completely focused on the greatness of rectifying all of this.

'K' , called out to him across the galaxy. 'We have reached our location, but we have to be quick, or there'll be a war between all of you and Zorvicon, and then the loss. Even if we can't completely destroy him, we have to stall him, we have to make him lose control and destroy his troops.' K continued.

K was an ancient and wise teacher, and like a family for him, they were the only people on the whole of the galaxy he had left.

K was telling him that deep in the dark corners of the galaxy; that they had reached the asteroid that was concealing Zorvicon.

Now, as he sat on this ship, staring at the horizon, the young man began to think of the countless challenges he had faced, the countless trials he had spent overcoming, the countless times he had been forced to overcome seemingly impossible situations. He began to think not just of his own success, in many ways, but also in the way that looked down upon his achievements.

The loss of people that had been lost in this war, in all wars, in all battles, in all wars recorded in history.

Millions upon millions upon millions were lost, but the young man never let go of the fact that they were sacrifices for his race's legacy.

'Everybody dies. Everybody falters. Everybody fails. But the only thing that is truly important is that legacies live on, and that continues for generations after. Yes! We keep on fighting...'

'The loss of my comrades is, in some senses, my data, my proof of the greatness of our race, how this race will not be broken, no matter what. It is our proof of why we are supposed to be among the strongest on the planet, on the planet of the planet, the planet of existence. We are meant to triumph above all of this! Above all adversity, over all evil, over all adversity, over all evil! Above the adversity that every single human being must overcome...our legacy of dominance!'
'We are meant to be the strongest! If Zorvicon overpowers us, overpowers all the pain of the wars, of everything that was pushed upon this planet of ours, then our legacy will be destroyed. Now, I am sitting on this ship, on the spaceship that is the last line of defence...'

As he sat, alone, on this ship, the young man thought long and hard. This one, last battle he had to face was meant to be his biggest challenge.

The battle of his life.

He had faced many others, but this would truly be his last.

He would be held responsible for the loss of millions upon millions, millions upon millions of people from millions upon millions of people.

'Millions upon millions of soldiers. The same soldiers that were destroyed in the other wars, that were lost in all other wars, lost in each and every war, in each and every battle. The same soldiers that died in every battle after the loss of K.'

As he sat there with his thoughts swirling around inside his head, he began to think of his past; his time spent in the Military; his time spent in the battle, in each and every battle, in each and every war.

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