Angelic noise


When the trouble began, the world was a very different place.

Seventy percent of all nations were democratic, oil was being harvested from subterranean depths, and the Internet was a free and open domain. It was a time of great change, a time of growth and awareness, a time of revolution and constant upheaval.

America was no longer the only superpower. China stood poised upon the stage of history, almost brushing against the protagonist protagonist, and almost ready to usurp the throne containing the overworked and underpaid superstates of the world. Under threat and pressure, and trapped in a duel of diplomacy and double-speak, America made a fatal and mistaken error.

The world was to be united under fate, but fate had other plans. One leader, one country stood in its way, and at the time it seemed unlikely, improbable, to happen.

One man stood in the way of the destiny of the world.

He was a young student, aged seventeen, who currently stood in the middle of the darkness, witnessing the events take place in front of him. This scene was indeed unique, completely uncharacteristic of the world in which he lived in. Such an event was not just unique, but probably unique in all of time. Perhaps this unique event would ultimately change the course of all history, but only time would tell. For now, this young man stood frozen as the events around him unfolded.

The cars were there, as were the victims. A family was there, as was a murderer. Both of the families were of great importance, of great fame. One family, on one hand, was led by a simple man. General Thomas Hughes. He was a father, a husband, a leader of men. His family was a perfect example of a family of a simple, hard working American. A mother, a wife, a kind person, a person of great importance to the world. Their daughters constantly fought over trivial matters, constantly fought for their father's attention. Both of the parents constantly had to pacify the constantly frisky girls.

And then there was the other family. They were the most famous of them all, of this entire time period. A single man, a single wife, two sons, and a daughter. The most famous of the most famous. A man with a name that inspired fear in all men, a man that would go on to become the most powerful of the most powerful of all time.

President Patrick Zalazinski.

This man was a monster of monstrous proportions, a man driven by his own desires and demands, a man who would betray anyone and anything, a man who would shed a single tear for a single life, a man driven by his own wants and needs. He was a man that would slaughter millions in pursuit of his own ends.

He was the monster that walked the lands.

When the cars approached each other, when the headlights glared at each other in confrontation, when the anger and hatred burned through the souls and minds of the passengers and drivers, only one thing happened in the minds of all present in both vehicles: revenge. That single word flowed in the minds of both sets of people in both cars, and it encompassed everything. It was to be an act of revenge, an act of defiance, an act of control over the other. It was to be the only act. It was to be an act of everything.

It was an act of murder.

One car would move forward, and the other car would move to crush. Both were determined, both were forged in their respective intentions, both would not turn away. Both would not stop, neither would relent.

And then, death happened.

The young man watched in horror, could not comprehend the scene in front of him, could not make sense of what was happening, could not understand the violence that had arisen in his time period. He was horrified.

And then, the world began to change.

With the death of one of the most powerful men in the world, all changed. It began with the passing of the President, the scene that the young man watched. The darkness immediately began to fade. The light shone through the caves, through the fog, through the caves, through the fog, through the caves, through the world above. It was illuminating. The light was so much brighter, so much longer. Suddenly, there was nothing to fear. The sky was clear, the world felt happy, flowed with life, flowed with happiness, flowed with joy. The world was now beautiful, the world was now shared, the world was now perfect. And, above all, the world was shared, the world was now perfect.

The world was now perfect.

And then, he saw it.

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