My little light in the dark


Corinna, aged twenty five, stood at the door of the priests. It was a small door with a black wooden handle. The sun was setting in the east. The wind was soft wind moving in the garden the smell of the flowers was sweet and pleasant.

The father was at the inside of the door with his white beard touching the screen.

"The time has come", said the father.

"Yes, father", said Corinna.

"I will do my best, father.", said Corinna.

"No, child. I am not telling about the time, I am telling about the sacrifice.", said the father.

"What is the sacrifice?"

"You have been working here in the temple for ten years, Corinna, you have recited all the songs, all the prayers and all the rituals. I need you to bring my most precious item. Your family have sent you this item. All the people out there are dying for her. You may bring her with you. You may kneel in front of her to be ready for this life and the next one. Just please bring her with you, my daughter. Bring her with you, child! Bring my daughter", said the father.

"Okay, father. I will bring her with me. Where is she?"

"She is in the safe place. Remember the seven doors, the seven locks. Remember them forever.", said part of the father.

"I promise, father.", said Corinna.

Corinna went back to her room. It was a small, wooden room. She sat at the corner and began pushing the door slowly. The door clicked and she went to her small bed.

The first door was small wooden door. It was locked with a small wooden key.

She picked it up and try to turn it. It would not turn at all.

She picked the small key up again and sat on the bed. Her heart was beating fast and she was slowly looking at the door.

She took the key and looked at the small room with small windows. "Seven doors, seven locks. I will try all seven locks, this will be hard. First will be the small wooden door. It will be difficult."

She turned the small wooden door, she put the key in the lock and turn it. She pushed the little door and she pulled it to the room and she pushed the grand wooden door and she pulled it over to the small room. "This is very difficult. I won't be able to bring anybody with me. I will be alone. I must not be alone anymore.", she thought.

She sat and thought about this on forever. An Immortal Buddhist Monk came on her front door. She was wearing a large red, full robe on her body. She had a long, black shaved hair. Her eyes, on the other hand, were blue eyes like Corinna. Her blue eyes were looking at Corinna.

"Hello, Corinna. What brings you here?", said the monk.

She was not sure, this monk could be a demon or an angel or something like that. "I have to bring something to the temple, this something has to be brought by me."

"What is it, child?", asked the monk in a sweet voice. She could not see them, they were very small.

"I have to bring something which is very valuable. Can you tell me, what is this?", asked Corinna.

"Yes, child. You have to bring this with you, Corinna. This is your task. You will be proud when you will bring this with you.", said the monk.

Corinna looked at the monk.

"Where is this item, Corinna? Can you tell me?", asked the monk.

"I don't know, I have to go to the temple, please ask the father!", said Corinna.

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