It was a cold night, Katerine had finished dinner. Since she loved to read, she chose a book from her home library and went to her room. He sat on his bed and began to read. He found all the stories interesting until he saw a horror story. He started reading it, and it was about a website, BlindMaiden. He said that if you entered that page at 00:00 am something scary would happen. Then Katerine's curiosity came suddenly and she turned on the computer.
He put on the internet “www. blindmaiden. com ”and waited for 12 o'clock. When everyone went to sleep she saw the time and had a minute to go. While waiting I read the instructions: completely alone

  1. make it night

3.Try it when everyone is asleep

  1. make it with the lights off


1.Don't do it during the day

2 not be with someone

3 don't try when everyone is awake

4.Don't do it with the lights on

When Katerine read this, she set the time and, since it was a long time away, she noticed on the internet that it meant “BlindMaiden”. BlindMaiden meant blind maiden in English. When he looked at the time, it was ten seconds until 12am. Then he looked at his room and realized that something was missing
Since the lights were on, he quickly turned them off and went to bed again.

When he looked at the time, it was already 12 o'clock and then he went to the page. With a bit of terror she thought something scary was going to happen, but only the description of the page and some games appeared. When he shut down the computer he said aloud:

-Stupid page, I thought something surprising was going to happen. It is a fool who created the page and all ghosts are fools and do not exist.

When he turned off the light and went to sleep, he heard a knock on his door. She got up and said- ”Who is it?

Since no one answered him, he lay down again.

They knocked on the door again but louder and he repeated again- ”Who is it?

Since no one answered him, he did not give him a ball and lay down.

They knocked on the door again and as it did not hit him they began to hit many times in a row and louder.

And as Katerine got up she got up and abruptly opened the door and saw a woman with long hair, she was very dark, and only her shadow was noticeable.

Katerine looked at her and closed the door quickly. When she turned around, that same woman was behind her. The woman pulled out her knife and killed her. The next day the parents got up to wake up Katerine and never saw her again….

And what are you waiting for? Do you dare to enter? Remember: be alone and with the lights off .. and if someone knocks on the door… you are in trouble….

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